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getting to know us

Guy began collecting vintage clothing as a teenager in the 1980’s; roaming the London markets and fairs for clothing and records. This love of vintage stayed and eventually evolved into Ham Yard Vintage.

After moving to France with his family the French workwear obsession soon began. Guy started collecting these wonderful garments. Early morning trips to flea markets, with the children reluctantly in tow, ensued and provided a collection that was too big to justify. The next step was to start the business sharing/selling these beautiful finds. We process tonnes of French workwear to bring our stock to you, every item is checked by hand and if suitable then pressed and presented.

Apart from enjoying the style of vintage clothing there is a huge ecological reason to buy vintage/second-hand clothing…

Ham Yard Vintage helps you to keep away from fast fashion which is the 2nd biggest pollutant on this planet. Think! If you buy a £4 T-shirt made in Bangladesh, not only has it got to travel round the world to arrive in your shopping bag, but the process to make it has probably polluted the local water sources, and exploited cheap labour.

Fashion houses are pretending to care about this subject but the truth is they only care about their profit margins and share holders.

The fashion industry is the second biggest cause of pollution in the world? Do you know how much water is need to make 1 pair of jeans? 1800 gallons!

This is the most important reason we should buy vintage/2nd hand clothing. Choose clothing that was made to last and has classic style.

Our mission is to bring you craftsmanship that won’t go out of fashion. A lifestyle choice that will be adored and enjoyed for years

We are based in Greenwich, London, making trips to France every 2 months to find you hand-picked items which are individually chosen for the shop. We don’t buy by the kilo, like many do, we take the time and choose and check everything individually ourselves.

We are Ham Yard Vintage!


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Greenwich, London, United Kingdom

French Workwear Specialist