Vintage Collector

This organic family business is run by Guy and his 3 daughters Violet, Lily and Dulcie.

Guy hand picks all the stock individually (not by the kilo!) and deals with the general online and wholesale enquiries.

Violet photographs and lists all the products. Lily is artistic director and Dulcie helps with the processing and posting when she’s not studying hard at school!
Guy is a collector of all things old/antique/vintage from the 1950’s/1970’s. Vehicles, vinyl, furniture, lamps and clothing. This leads to much early morning digging at markets/fairs and finding more than his needs and space allows.
Guy belonged to the London mod scene as a teenager and ran market stalls selling top gear at Greenwich, Portobello and Camden.
Born and bred in London, where there has always been a strong vintage scene, Guy has always worn second-hand clothes, driven classic Italian scooters and German cars, as well as being an avid collector of original American 1960’s vinyl.

Now he uses his knowledge and experience to bring his products here…

Welcome to Ham Yard Vintage!


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Greenwich, London, United Kingdom

French Workwear Specialist